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The Punt Road

A legacy of growing in the Yarra Valley

The names Punt Road and Airlie Bank recognise the important role our estate played in the history of grape growing in the Yarra Valley. On Melbourne’s Punt Road, against the bank of the Yarra River, once sat the Airlie Bank vineyard. It was from here in 1860 that Hubert De Castella, a Swiss immigrant and pioneering grape grower, acquired vine cuttings to plant 200 acres of vineyard in Coldstream. The wines produced from those historic vines quickly gained acclaim and recognition in Australia and Europe. This land would later become the home of the original St Hubert’s vineyard and then the Punt Road vineyard and winery.

Punt Road 1856

Our philosophy is to produce wines that reflect the rich history of this estate and create a legacy for the next generations.



In 1926, Joseph Napoleone migrated from Abruzzi in Italy to Australia with a dream to one day bring his family with him. However, amidst the turmoil of the Great Depression and World War II, the family were kept apart for almost two decades. Then, in 1948, the now-reunited Napoleone family purchased land in Wandin in the Yarra Valley and began their first family business, Red Rich Fruits, operating as orchardists growing apples.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the third generation of the Napoleone family - Josephina, Joseph, and Michael - was born in Australia, right when grape growing in the Yarra Valley was being re-established. In 1978, the family acquired the property in Coldstream, previously the original St. Hubert's vineyards and winery site. The land was replanted with vines in 1987, restoring its viticultural heritage.

Today, the land is cultivated with wine grapes, apples, and pears. The estate winery, where all our wines are produced, sits in the middle of the estate. The Napoleone family's third and fourth generations are the current owners and operators of the vineyards and winery, with a strong focus on creating a lasting legacy for future generations.


Our People


Senior Winemaker

Joel Christie

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Riley Evison

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Annie Field

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Cameron Gordon

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Club, Events, and DTC Manager

Jarrod Johnson

Head Winemaker Punt Road and Airlie Bank

Janene Millar


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Cellar Door Extraordinaire


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